A 15th of September I will never forget

As you may already know, 15th September in Mexico is the day country's independence is celebrated. (Even though Mexico wasn't independent until the 27th September the same year). This year was my first celebrating in Playa del Carmen with a group of divers from all over Latin America! Lizzie from Costa Rica, Victor from Columbia,... Continue Reading →


Why it’s so hard to be a student on an Island

I will admit that I chose Mauritius as the destination of my studies not as an opportunity to learn and specialise in resort management, but rather because of its paradisiac location. I prepared my interview like all good passionate students, I researched the school, its attributes, spoke to students who went there.... the place I would be... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr Valentines…

As humans; social creature , we tend to forget to love our neighbours, friends and soul-mates. Thank goodness theres a day once a year to remind us to LOVE!! Dear Mr Valentines, I thank you for making an official day for love. I mean its true, we get so distracted by time, money, celebrities and politics... Continue Reading →

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